Looking to get training for your staff that is totally aligned to your business?

Tired of learning and development programs that don’t address your needs and deliver results?

Faciliated Learning

Then partner with Facilitated Learning to design a solution that directly addresses your business needs and aligns with your culture.

Whether you want to grow your organisation, enhance performance, or deal with the changing nature of your business or environment – we can help you meet your objectives.

Facilitated Learning’s customised learning programs

At Facilitated Learning we specialise in bespoke solutions to suit your organisation. Customised programs are the ideal way to meet organisation’s long-term strategic aims and drive real results. Helping staff learn in ways that can be instantly applied in your workplace is a way of ensuring they are ready to respond to the ever changing requirements of business.

Our customised learning solutions are designed to give you the resources and skills to respond to any business challenges you or your team member’s face.

How we work with you

Our programs are collaboratively created with our clients to ensure highly effective programs that achieve individual and organisational goals. We spend time talking with you about your business. We liaise, consult and cooperate with you or your team members to understand your business and your needs. We ask lots of questions. We listen. We find out what matters to you. We seek out key organisation information which needs to be imbedded into the process.36228480 - group of workers people.

We are then able to design a totally contextualise program to match your specific organisational requirements. We will align to:

  • reflect workplace environment;
  • provide examples and case studies relevant to the role;
  • use the language, terminology and definitions endorsed by the workplace;
  • use any required or relevant workplace documents;
  • format the document to be consistent with any organisation style requirements; and
  • any other workplace requirements you may have.

Yes, it really is our aim to make the program completely relevant to your workplace and your learners.

Facilitated Learning drives business results

Every business and organisation is different, therefore the solutions which will work for them are as unique as the businesses themselves. We customise every learning program to meet the individual needs and goals of each client.
Our collaborative design process ensures we get to know your business almost as well as our own! We then craft a unique and effective program which reflects the culture and needs of your organisation. Our world class facilitation and design skills, teamed with your business knowledge makes us a dynamic partnership.

Our success is based on your success

As a boutique learning and development business we work with a small number of clients who we get to know very well. We are committed to establishing and maintaining long term mutually beneficial relationships which produce results.

Training approach

Effective and collaborative program design will support a fully interactive program which combines theory and practice into an integrated whole. Your team members walk away with the skills and knowledge to do what is required in their own workplace. This means you get results fast!

We create a series of learning experiences to assist participants reflect on their own experiences, cooperate with other, work in teams, acquire knowledge and develop skills. You get way more than just learning, we support you to build teams, increase positive workplace relationships and collaborative practice through the processes we use. These come as huge added benefits to you when you work with our process.




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